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    Crescent Moon Pendant

    “Like the moon, your life is full of phases...“🌙Sometimes you will feel whole, and sometimes you will feel broken. Sometimes you will feel full of light and sometimes you will feel heavy with darkness. Whatever phase you’re going through — remember that it’s not permanent. Life is not about staying in the same place. It’s about moving from one stage to the next. It’s about new beginnings and long-awaited endings. It’s about hellos and goodbyes. It’s about change. It’s about growth. Wherever you are in your journey — embrace it. Every phase of your life is setting you up for the next — you need each phase to become the person you are meant to be. Like the moon you are beautiful in all your phases — you don’t need to be whole to radiate light. You are alluring. You are illuminating. You are evolving and with every transformation, you are better than you were before..✨• Sterling Silver• Coloured CZ stones• Crescent Moon pendant• 40cm + 5cm extender
    60.00 20.00
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    North Star Pendant

    “ A symbol of Hope, Inspiration and guidance. The North Star is the anchor of the northern skies, it glows brightly to guide and lead us to our purposeful destination”
    69.00 30.00
  • Midnight Sky Pendant

    The Midnight Sky Collection✨ Inspired by the Magic of the night sky. For the star gazers and night dreamers. Take home a little piece of the Universe with a piece from our Midnight Sky Collection..✨