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Our Story

“Power, Confidence and a little bit of Magic…”

Crowns & Stars is an exciting new Irish business established in 2020.

Irresistibly drawn to fashion and all things shiny, our aim is to bring you contemporary pieces that enrich and empower the Queens who wear them.

Our story begins and ends with women – our everyday inspirations. We believe women can be both strong and fierce, and dreamy and romantic. We drew our inspiration from crowns, which we believe to represent power and confidence and the stars symbolise imagination, magic and life’s infinite potential. Both the crown and star emblems feature heavily throughout the collection and every piece is chosen not only for its beauty but for it’s meaning and intent.

At Crowns & Stars we believe buying a piece of jewellery should be a magical experience, and we have carefully curated every part of that experience to make it extra special. From our beautiful designs to our luxurious packaging – it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Crowns & Stars- combines the powerful with the beautiful…👑🌟